The DNA Dilemma: Two Guys Discover They’re Not Twins Despite Striking Similarities

Many people have a doppelganger or lookalike somewhere in the universe. As Brady Feigl learns about the other man who shares his name, things are about to get strangely crazy.

MLB News: The baseball twins who aren't related: Identical players with the exact same name and job take DNA test | Marca

After joining the same Texas Baseball team, they realized how similar they looked. After becoming fed up with their similar appearance, they decided to test their DNA.

Brady Feigl:


Brady Feigl was born in Dallas in Texas and developed an interest in baseball at a young age. He was determined to be the best at baseball for the rest of his life

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Feigl was determined to excel in sports and achieve straight As in school. He remembers how his mother encouraged him to pursue a career in baseball. Parents who support their children, especially those interested in sports, are very important.



The second Brady Feigl grew up the same as the first Brady in Houston, Texas. He enjoyed playing baseball as a child. He knew this was his sport and he would play it no matter what.

Brady Feigl (@bmfeigl) / Twitter

Brady Feigl was not adopted as a child, but the parents of this Brady were. They were kind and supportive. He was viewed as a more jovial Brady than the original Brady. That’s fine, because we are all different.



Houston Brady always wanted to know if he had other siblings, and was eager to meet them. Even though his parents were supportive, he still wanted to know more about his origins when he found out he had been adopted.

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Baseball was a common bond between the Bradys and allowed them to communicate. The two young men knew that baseball was what they wanted to do after college.

Just In Case….College Is An Option


Dallas Brady majored in political science, while Houston Brady majored in accounting. Although they had different interests, their hearts were still for baseball.

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They both had excellent grades, but recognized that accounting and political science were better options if baseball did not work out. The Bradys were more interested in their sports than pursuing a college career.

Walker…Texas Rangers:


Both Bradys were good enough to play in the MLB following their college careers. Both Bradys have been accepted by the Texas Rangers of Arlington, Texas. There will be some struggles in the latter part.

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Amazon The coach and the other players noticed that something was funny when the two joined the rest of the team to practice. They snuck their noses into something and were curious to see if they are related.

Wait…Which One Is Which?


The coach couldn’t stop laughing when he saw the two Bradys. This laughter will soon turn to frustration, as he is the first to fail.

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The coach realized quickly that this was a serious issue. It was confusing that they had the same names. Each time he spoke to one Brady, the other Brady would appear. He must figure something out.

I Have A Solution:


The Texas Rangers baseball coach was tired of separating the Bradys. The coach found the perfect solution to separate the two Bradys. The coach’s suggestion worked and they are now known by their new names.

Brady Feigl plays for the A's & Brady Feigl also plays for the Rangers. | Fox Sports 910 Phoenix

The Bradys thought their similarity was just a coincidence at first, but then the coach said that they could be related. It’s not too far-fetched, given the fact that they have a number of similar traits.

Other Twins:


Harry Potter fans may remember Ron Weasley and his twin brothers Fred & George. Arthur Weasley, Molly Weasley, and their twins Fred and George Weasley were born on April 1,1978. Both were skilled pranksters and co-founded Weasleys Wizard Wheezes.

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The Bradys looked very much like the red-headed twins from the story. The Bradys of Houston, being more of a clown class, resembled even more the Weasley Twins. Their new names will come from this.

Can’t Take A Joke:


They were teased mercilessly by their teammates because they looked alike. They were so similar that everyone was saying the same thing, they almost thought they were twins!

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The Bradys became irritated with the constant mocking. One of the Bradys’ teammates suggested that their mother must be the same because they looked alike.

Talk It Out…It’s Ok:


The Bradys were irritated by the jokes of their teammates, but they thought it was time for them to discuss how similar they looked to each other and whether there might be more to it.

Identical strangers with the same name and job took DNA test

The first thing they did was to notice their similarities. Both were the same height and wore glasses. They even shared a sense of humor. They did have some differences.

The Deciding Factor:


The Bradys had many similarities, but also some differences. These ranged from physical characteristics to beliefs. This is normal because even identical twins do not share everything.

Two red-headed pitchers, both named Brady Feigl, take DNA test to see if they're related

Houston Brady’s eyes were blue, while Dallas Brady’s eyes were hazel. Dallas Brady had a mother with blue eyes. The Brady in Houston was adopted so there was a possibility that they shared DNA.



The fact that they both wore glasses and shared a sense of humor could have just been a coincidence. They both knew something that was important in their story.

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The same doctor operated on both elbows. Not only did they have similar medical histories, but the procedure was performed by the same doctor. What is the value of this story?



Dr. Dave Andrews was able to operate on both Brady’s elbows but the situation quickly became complicated. Even the doctor had trouble identifying which patient was which, as they looked almost identical.

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He called Brady in Houston thinking it was Dallas Brady. After receiving the call, Brady from Houston realized that someone looked exactly like him.

Overnight Sensations:


The Bradys wanted to share their experience with others because it’s not something that happens very often. Inside Edition was immediately interested in the interview.

Two identical-looking men with same name got DNA tested to see if they are siblings - these were the results | Viral News, Times Now

Fans then came to the Bradys with stories of meeting their long lost twin via social media. The two didn’t even know that this was happening at first. It was too much to handle.

DNA Tests:


After their story became viral on TV and the internet, people from all over the nation began to flock to Texas Rangers matches. All this effort just to see Brady’s who look alike.

DNA Test: Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking One

They were so passionate that their fans decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money to pay for a DNA test. They wanted to find out if they were related or not.

Step By Step:


Kickstarter’s goal was achieved, allowing the Bradys to begin their DNA test. The Bradys are taking it one step at a time to find out the truth about where they come from and their roots.

Two Guys Discover They're Identical, Their DNA Tests Show Something Strange

Both of them were tested. They sealed the tubes with plastic wrap and spit in them to collect their saliva. Then, they sent them to an expert lab for analysis. They were forced to wait.

Ellis Island:


Many immigrants arrived in America first at Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954. One Brady traveled to learn more about his German ancestors. We can gain insight into the future by visiting the past.

The 'Hot, Foul, Sultry Air' of Ellis Island | What It Means to Be American

He was aware that Feigl is a German surname, and was therefore curious to find out if the Brady with whom he had spoken was also of German descent. They were trying to make sense of the information that was being given to them.

The Results Are In:


The Bradys finally received their results of the ancestral DNA tests from the laboratory. They were both scared, but also eager to receive some concrete answers. They are both thrilled because they do not know the results, and they’re also excited because they will finally get their answers.

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Both Bradys found out that they shared the same amount (53%) of German heritage. It was time to find out if they were twins, and to prove that they are brothers.

Unexpected Results:


The two Bradys had the same percentage of German heritage but their results were different in all other ways. It wasn’t what they expected because they shared a lot with each other.

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The Bradys of Houston are 2% Irish, while the Bradys of Dallas are 10% Irish. They weren’t even twins. It was just two people that looked similar to each other.

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