Luxury Holiday Destinations: Best Places to Visit in Europe

If you want to have a European adventure without the chaos of crowds, dare to go off the radar. And choose luxury holiday destinations that are not teeming with tourists all year round. Visiting underrated spots and summer destinations leads to infinite travel possibilities.

We searched high and low to find the hidden gems of Europe and some great hotels you can stay in on your next trip.

5 Low-Key Luxury Holiday Destinations

Take a leap of faith and go on off-beaten adventures in Europe.

Find the best places to visit below:

1. Graz, Austria

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Need a break from concrete cities and commotion? Leave the city life for scenic Stryian countryside in the lesser-known Austrian city, Graz. Being the country’s second-largest city allows it to appease your modern sensibilities. But once you’re there, the endless travel experiences and charming architecture captivate you the most. At Graz, you will be treated to scenic views and authentic farm-to-table dining experiences.

Where to Stay

The Grand Hotel Wiesler welcomes globetrotters with its lavish rooms, chic interiors, and friendly staff. Enjoy your breakfast with a view, unwind in the sauna, and sip a bubbly at their upscale bar. The hotel’s proximity to the Old Town of Graz allows you to visit many historic sites. There are also many trendy eateries and shops within walking distance. And these factors make it an excellent choice for travelers interested in sightseeing.

2. Leon, Spain

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If you’re tired of crowded spaces and jam-packed museums, you will like the slow-paced lifestyle of Leon in Spain. This walkable city is dotted with Roman frescoes and ancient old cathedrals. These landmarks reflect the architectural style of a bygone era. Thus, you feel like you have traveled into the past when you visit Leon.

Plus, there’s plenty to do and see in this underrated destination with minimum queues, making it one of the best luxury holiday destinations.

Where to Stay

Be a guest in a century-old complex at the Hotel Real Collegiate San Isidoro to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience. Everything from its cloister to the basilica and onsite museum creates a medieval ambiance. History buffs will love staying in this hotel and enjoy the short walks to and from the Cathedral.

3. Porto Santo Island, Portugal 

Looking for a sunny escape? A three-hour ferry ride from Madeira will take you to the heavenly Porto Santo Island. It’s one of the most underrated and enjoyable luxury holiday destinations for beach lovers. You can spend the day strolling the golden seashore, plan hiking trips, or tuck in tasty seafood platters. Every moment spent here is nothing short of magical.

Where to Stay

Vila Beleira is one of the best resorts to visit on this beautiful island. You can book a room with a view. Sit by the terrace to marvel at the crystalline waves or get breakfast in bed. You can also spend the day lazing around under the sun and going on scuba diving excursions. Or stay onsite to splash around in the hotel pool.

Itineraries are designed to cater to your needs, including special family packages for grownup and young travelers.

Are you looking for luxury holiday destinations for newlyweds? Check out our honeymoon guide.

4. Duress, Albania

Luxury Holiday Destinations in Europe

Immerse yourself in the history of the Roman and Byzantine empires by exploring the ancient architecture and archeological sites in the “Eternal City,” Duress, Albania. This luxury holiday destination comes with rich history and spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea.

History buffs can book a guided walking tour to see all the iconic landmarks. Most itineraries include the Archeological Museum and the impressive Duress Amphitheater. The open-air theater, in particular, is an impressive sight for tourists. It features a terraced seat encircling an empty stage that once entertained around 20,000 theater-goers. The theater lies close to the crumbling ruins of the Byzantine Forum. This old marketplace was once a bustling commercial center in the ancient city.

If you need a break from the sun-baked locations, you can swim in the cool blue sea or laze around in a cabana by booking a room in a luxury resort.

Where to Stay

Mövenpick Hotel Lalez Durres is the ultimate summer destination for leisure travelers. It is located near Lalzi Bay. The prime location allows you to get a room with a spectacular sea view. The hotel provides luxury services to help guests enjoy a blissful holiday by the sea with palm-fringed shores and sandy beaches.

The best part is that this hotel is only a short drive away from the historic attractions in Duress. So it’s easy to go sightseeing during the day and then relax in the evening. You can make the trip twice as nice by booking a spa and massage treatment during your visit.

5. Tartu, Estoria

Luxury Holiday Destinations in Europe

Another excellent luxury destination in Europe is Tartu, Estonia. It was recently bestowed the title of the European Capital of Culture 2024, which means it might already be on your bucket list. So we recommend jetting off to this dreamy destination before the crowds do.

Every corner of this picturesque place tells a story with its intricate sculptures, restored buildings, monasteries, and museums. Top attractions include the Town Hall Square, St. John’s Church, Observatory, and Estonian National Museum. Plus, the city offers endless activities for travelers that visit during seasonal festivals and celebrations.

Where to Stay

Finding the right hotel can make your holiday more memorable. And if you are looking for luxury accommodations, Lydia Hotel is the place to be.

The building’s architectural design and interiors fuse contemporary and classic features and are the first thing that will catch your attention. In addition, the hotel’s hospitable service, spectacular spa lounge, and modern amenities elevate your travel experience.

Guests are served with authentic recipes and mouthwatering menus at Holm, the onsite restaurant. They also have a bee farm on the rooftop and a customizable itinerary to pursue during your stay there.

Are You Ready to Go Off-Radar? 

Venture into the unknown by visiting underrated luxury holiday destinations in Europe. From the breathtaking views of Austria, ancient ruins of Albania to the clear blue skies in Portugal, our top picks offer something for everyone. And the best hotels there ensure your itineraries are tailored to your unique needs.

No matter your chosen place, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime!

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