LA Calling: Plan a Luxury Girls Trip in the City of Angels

Los Angeles is the most attractive travel destination across the U.S. People from all over the globe make vacation plans with their loved ones to explore a million attractions in the city. If you want to plan a girl’s trip to LA and need unique ideas to create memories, we can help you come up with a great plan. Before you take off with all your bags, we recommend making reservations at some of the best luxury hotels in the city to avoid check-in problems on your arrival.

Let’s dive into the details and explore some vital tips that may help you accomplish your luxury girls’ trip dream.

Vital Tips to Make Your LA Girls Trip More Fun

Los Angeles is the top highlight of the state of California. People from Europe, the Middle East, and South Asia love to visit the place for a quality vacation. Since LA has everything to impress all genders, you can enjoy a great time with your girls’ squad by following the below tips.

Head to the Venice Beach for a Walk

Venice Beach is one of the best beach spots in LA. When planning a girl’s trip, you might want to keep the beach visit at the top. If you wonder why we started the list with Venice Beach, let us enlighten you with what you can do here. To start with, Venice Beach provides an ideal spot for hanging out at the beach. You can take group photos, indulge in water-based fun, and take a walk through the food stalls.

While you explore your food options, we suggest hiring a tour guide to seek expert recommendations. Sometimes, groups of girls and boys like to rely on self-guided tours and end up missing a lot of important stuff. Imagine returning from a magical city like LA without exploring the good spots. We bet you would never want that to happen. Organizers of luxury travel tours can be helpful in finding experienced tour guides.

Best Resorts to Visit in LA

Want to Laugh it Out? Head to the Laugh Factory

LA is the city of liberal and performing arts. If you are familiar with the city’s history and significance, you might need no context to understand the passion for standup comedy shows and theatrical plays among locals. Why spend all the time exploring sites when you can enjoy drooling laughter with your girls? We highly recommend paying a visit to the Laugh Factory in LA.

This place is known for its standup comedy shows. Whether a local traveler or an international tourist, you are bound to fall in love with this place and its vibe. We have gathered the show timing details to help you take a quick start. Laugh Factory hosts two standup shows every evening. If humor and laughter are your unavoidable medications, you will surely like one of the two shows.

Best Luxury Hotels

Let the Kid in You Relive at Pacific Park

Girl squads are typically more charged than guy squads due to endless fun and glamor. When spending quality time in the best luxury hotels, you might want to take a day trip to Pacific Park for the ultimate fun. At Pacific Park, you can be instantly excited about the fun rides and activities. Most importantly, you can allow your inner child to come out and relive the most cherishable moments.

While many luxury travel tours miss out on amusement parks and local fun spots in LA, we strongly suggest you take your girlfriends to Pacific Park and thank us later. Since the park provides a breathtaking view of the beach, you might be able to enjoy multiple activities on your own. All you need to do is arrive at the location by booking a cab or hiring a private car.

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Tired Already? Relax at the Spa at The Langham

Coming to LA with your girlfriends and not feeling tired in the middle of the day will only be a miracle. This marvelous city has so much to offer to the youth that people never get enough of the good stuff. When your energy slips out, you might want to take your worries to The Langham. This place has a spa facility that releases all the stress and tiredness. As one of the best luxury hotels, The Langham never fails to win the hearts of travelers.

The Chuan Spa is an incredible option for girls to get massages, facial treatments, and special care. You will feel light as air once you step out of the spa. Moreover, you can experience saunas, pools, and several other activities at the Chuan Spa. It all comes down to your preferences. While we are at it, The Langham is not the only luxury hotel with a spa facility in the city. Feel free to explore other locations in the area.

Live the Cupcake Dream at Sinners & Saints

Are you fond of cupcakes? We can relate to the excitement they bring to the taste buds. When visiting LA, you might want to take your girls to the best cupcake place in the town. Sinners & Saints holds an excellent reputation in the competitive market. This place has the best cupcakes in the city. If you are tired of limited cupcake varieties in most bakeries, Sinners & Saints will be happy to enlighten you with what you need.

When looking for the best resorts to visit in LA, you might want to focus on the ones closer to this famous cupcake place. This way, you can stop by the shop to grab a few sweet bites before heading to your desired destination. More so, you can find a unique variety of pastries and other baked goods at Sinners & Saints. All you need to do is tell the bakers what you are looking for.

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The Takeaway

Planning a girl’s trip to LA can be super exciting. There is plenty of stuff you can enjoy with your squad in the city during your stay at one of the best luxury hotels. If you need to make it more memorable, you may keep a good camera with multiple batteries to record the most valuable moments. If you need generic tips for a good vacation, our family-friendly travel tips may help you prepare better.

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