Seaside Splendor: Discovering Getaways in Barcelona

Summers are upon us, and many people are planning a summer getaway at different luxury holiday destinations. There is nothing like spending time at the beach to beat the heat! Booking a luxurious beach resort can elevate your summer vacation experience. From serene landscapes to outstanding amenities, there is something for everyone.

While there are multiple summer destinations for a luxurious getaway, Barcelona is a popular choice for beach lovers. Its stunning coastline and secluded beaches make it a great getaway destination.

Here are the top luxurious beach resorts in Barcelona to enjoy a getaway with your loved one:

1.      Eurostars Grand Marina

Eurostars Grand Marina is one of Barcelona’s best luxurious beach resorts. It is located near the popular World Trade Center. While not exactly situated on the beach, it is within a few minutes’ walking distance from the sandy beach.

This contemporary and chic luxury hotel offers amazing amenities for all guests. This includes a panoramic view of the Mediterranean. Their piano bar and the landscaped terraces are the most stunning features of this hotel.

2.      Hotel Arts Barcelona

This 5-star, 44-floor luxury hotel offers a fantastic luxury experience in Barcelona. It is situated in San Sebastian, with secluded areas for the guests to enjoy the beach. The Hotel Arts Barcelona offers some of the best cuisine in the city and a range of luxury suites.

The hotel also includes a cocktail bar and five different restaurants. Moreover, you can also enjoy the beautifully sculpted gardens and floating spas for an ultimate luxury experience.

hotel arts

3.      Pullman Barcelona Skipper

One of the many reasons Barcelona is considered one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations is the stunning sea views and the creative interior décor. Pullman Barcelona Skipper is a fine example of this. This five-star luxurious beach resort is surrounded by multiple eateries and beach bars.

You can enjoy the beach during the day and stroll to nearby attractions. However, if you are not ready to be with the outside world, you can still have fun. Pullman offers a range of outstanding amenities to keep you occupied without the need to leave the premises. This includes the guest hot tub, rooftop bar, and swimming pools on the terrace.

4.      Vilanova I la Geltrú Hotel Sunway Playa Golf

Hotel Sunway Playa Golf is another of Barcelona’s luxurious beach resorts offering a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. Located in Vilanova I la Geltrú, which offers a rich history and stunning architecture. You can enjoy your beach getaway while exploring the vibrant culture.

The resort offers a range of amenities, including an aqua beach, swimming pools, a spa and gym, and even a supermarket. The aqua beach provides an elegant and exclusive environment for the hotel guests, offering magnificent views and authentic cuisines.

5.      W Barcelona

Few luxury hotels offer the outstanding features and amenities as the W Barcelona hotel. This is one of the finest luxurious beach resorts located on the iconic boardwalk. It not only offers a private beach to the hotel guests but also boosts a luxurious spa, three pools, and a range of restaurants and bars.

The easy access to the beach, the contemporary interior, and outstanding luxury holiday destinations in Barcelona for beach lovers.


Soak in the Sun at the Splendid Beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is certainly one of the dream luxury holiday destinations for people around the globe. The Mediterranean coast provides breathtaking views, not to mention the vibrant city life for the visitors to enjoy.

The many luxurious beach resorts in the city make it an ultimate vacation spot for couples and families alike. You can bask under the sun while listening to the crashing waves or participate in multiple water sports activities. There is something for everyone in these amazing getaways.

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