Love and Luxury: Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds

Before tying the knot, couples search high and low for luxury honeymoon destinations. Some seek reclusive retreats, while others make daring choices with aquatic adventures and hiking trips. And then there are a few romantic souls who’d like a touch of whimsy and old-world charm when they plan their getaway.

To help you make an informed choice, we picked the perfect place for every type of honeymooner. We also suggest the best luxury hotels help you decide where to stay during your romantic escape.

Scroll down to fall in love with some dreamy places.

3 Popular Luxury Honeymoon Destinations for Newlyweds 

Soak in the Beauty of Bali, Indonesia


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Dubbed the “Island of Gods,” Bali gives you a slice of paradise on Earth. It’s one of the luxury honeymoon destinations that allows couples to create a personalized itinerary upon arrival. Go beach-hopping by choosing between the ashy shores in the northwest to the pristine white sands on the southern coast.

Spend your vacation day visiting sacred temples, experiencing the fascinating culture, dancing from sundown to sunrise, or hiking across monkey forests. After a busy day, you can retreat to the shaded spas for a relaxing couple’s massage.

Where to Stay?

The Bulgari Resort Bali blends classic Italian architecture with the softness of Indonesian design elements. Located a few minutes from the famous Uluwatu temple and bustling Piazza di Spagna, it’s the perfect place for first-time visitors.

You can go sightseeing whenever you want. And later in the day, you can return to the comforts of its luxury villas with access to infinity pools, a private beach, and unforgettable culinary offerings.

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Take a Stroll on the Sun-Kissed Shores of the Amalfi Coast, Italy


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The Amalfi Coast remains one of the most sought-after luxury honeymoon destinations. The picturesque Positano beckons newlyweds with its soft sunny shores, dream locales, and chic bistros. That’s because the picturesque Positano beckons newlyweds with its soft sunny shores, dream locales, and chic cafes.

Couples can spend their day lounging on the beautiful beaches, taking boat rides, and walking across the fragrant lemon orchards. And adventurous couples can hike the “Path of Gods” or scuba dive to explore the deep blue sea.

Where to Stay?

Staying in the best luxury hotel can make your romantic getaway more memorable. The five-star experience at Le Sirenuse is the perfect pick for newlyweds. Everything from its chic interiors and romantic candle-lit dining experience to its terrace views will sweep you off your feet.

Take Love to New Heights in Cappadocia, Turkey


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Start your happily-ever-after amid fairy chimneys towering over the rocky terrain of Cappadocia. The century-old architecture, secret underground passageways, and cave churches give the area a whimsical look. You can marvel at this breathtaking sight while standing hand-in-hand inside a colorful hot air balloon.

And if you’re up for a long romantic drive, you can rent a car to head to Istanbul to visit the heritage sites and eat out in trendy restaurants.

Where to Stay?

Sah Saray Cave Suites provides modern comforts and an authentic oriental experience with its luxurious amenities. Plus, newlyweds can enjoy a tasty ala carte breakfast on the terrace while taking in scenic sights like the enchanting fairy chimneys and dramatic Uchisar Castle.

Like other best luxury hotels, Turkish baths, soothing massages, and a deluxe suite are part of their honeymoon package.

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Jet Off to Luxury Honeymoon Destinations 

Luxury honeymoon destinations elevate travel experiences with surreal views, exciting itineraries, and five-star resorts. Plan an unforgettable trip by checking into the best luxury hotel on our list. If you like the tranquility of Bali, the Bulgari Resort Bali and  Le Sirenuse can turn your travel aspirations into a reality with their swoon-worthy interiors and amenities. In comparison, Sah Saray Cave Suites are popular amongst couples visiting Turkey.

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