Dublin Delights: Experiencing Nature at its Finest

With rugged mountains, stunning rolling hills, and picturesque national parks, Dublin has plenty to offer nature lovers. Dublin is known for its rich history, welcoming people, and vibrant culture. Besides, you will find plenty of natural beauty in Ireland waiting to be explored. There is something for everyone in Dublin, which is why it is considered one of the best luxury holiday destinations. 

If you want to enjoy the nature this stunning city offers, be sure not to miss these five must-visit nature attractions in Dublin: 

  • Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park in Dublin is at the top of the luxury travel inspiration list for avid travelers. It is the largest urban enclosed park in Ireland, covering over 1,700 acres of land. You can enjoy watching deer roaming around freely, along with other species. 

This beautiful park also houses the second-oldest zoo in Europe. Millions of people visit this park to see the birds, reptiles, and animals. Phoenix Park also has much more to offer, including restaurants and cafés, ancient structures, and the official residence of Ireland’s president. 

  • Howth Cliff Walk 

howth cliff walk

No luxury holiday destination is complete without an exhilarating hiking adventure. Howth Cliff Walk is a popular route for many hikers in Dublin. It boosts clifftops overlooking stunning mountains, beaches, bays, and a landmark lighthouse. 

This hike takes around two hours to complete and is a moderately challenging route. You will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views. Moreover, you can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at the end of your hike, along with other delights at the Howth Market.

  • St Audoen’s Park and City Walls

Home to the only ancient entrance to the city, St Audoen’s Arch, this park should be a top luxury holiday destination when visiting Ireland. St Audoen’s Park allows you to explore the rich history of Dublin through historic signposts and maps throughout the park. Explore the park at your pace and enjoy a pint at the oldest pub in the city, Brazen Head, located nearby. 

  • Glendalough


If you are a thrill seeker looking for luxury travel inspiration in Dublin, Glendalough is the place for you. The valley is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park, offering multiple scenic walking and hiking trails. Therefore, everyone in your travel group can enjoy this place. 

Moreover, the best thing about the trails in Glendalough Valley is that they suit almost all fitness levels. It allows everyone to enjoy the ancient ruins and shimmering lakes this place has to offer. 

  • National Botanic Gardens

The stunning gardens make Dublin one of the must-visit luxury holiday destinations. The National Botanic Gardens boast magnificent views with beautiful plants to explore. These gardens contain over 15,000 stunning and unique plant species from around the globe. This place provides you with calm and peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Therefore, you definitely won’t want to miss this!

  • Iveagh Gardens

If you prefer to visit places not crowded with tourists, Iveagh Gardens is the place to be. Nestled behind stunning Georgian architecture, these gardens are among Dublin’s few lesser-known public areas. 

In 1865, the gardens were manicured expertly by a Scottish landscape designer for Dublin Exhibition Palace. Moreover, you will find an archery field within the gardens, the only purpose-built one in Ireland. There is also a stunning waterfall over a colorful rockery created with stones collected from each county in Ireland. 

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