Delicious Seoul: The Best Food in the Capital of South Korea

Seoul has become one of the world’s best luxury family vacation destinations. The Korean capital offers luxurious accommodations with top-tier amenities. You will find a vibrant art scene, the best restaurants serving delicious local cuisine, and world-class shopping options here. Fans of K-Pop and K-Drama get many chances to see their favorite Hallyu stars front and center at events and concerts. It even offers nourishment for the soul at Buddhist temples and quaint historical sites.

Besides the exciting attractions, the city’s culinary delights steal the show. No trip to Seoul is complete without trying out the delicious local cuisine served at the best hotels in Seoul. With various authentic Korean dishes to try, you can enjoy the most outstanding dishes that will leave you craving more.

Here are six foods you don’t want to miss when visiting Seoul:

1.      Hanwoo Beef

If you are looking for a truly memorable dining experience, Hanwoo Beef is a must-try. It is the most expensive and rare meat that is only available in the country. The Steak House in Grand Hyatt Seoul, one of the best hotels in Seoul, serves this delicious beef you will not find anywhere else. This beef is known for its desired chewiness and high palatability.

2.      Bulgogi — Marinated Beef Barbecue


Being a popular barbeque dish in South Korea, you will find that all the best hotels in Seoul serve bulgogi. The beef is marinated to enhance its flavor and grilled with sliced garlic, adding more taste to the meat. The grilled beef is then wrapped with fresh lettuce and served with spicy red sauce.

3.      Kimchi

Kimchi is a Korean fermented dish popular in the region for thousands of years. This dish is considered a part of the Korean identity and a source of national pride. While the taste might vary from place to place, it is served in all of the best hotels in Seoul.

Gaon is a popular restaurant with three Michelin stars, offering the best radish kimchi served with oysters. While you are there, be sure to try the grilled eel and mint dumplings.

4.      Bojagi Bibimbap

Bojagi Bibimbap is another popular dish you don’t want to miss. It is delicious steamed rice with sautéed veggies wrapped delicately in a layer of omelet. The best place you can enjoy this unique dish is A Flower Blossom on the Rice. The best thing about this restaurant is that it has earned a Michelin Green star for using pesticide-free, sustainable and organic ingredients from certified regional farms.

5.      Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken

While you might not consider eating fried chicken when visiting this city but this is something you don’t want to miss. The Korean fried chicken is unlike any fried chicken you might have tried in other countries. While the basics are the same, the Korean chicken is coated with spicy and sweet sauce.

Some even include a green pepper to enhance the spiciness of the food. The chicken is double-fried to make it juicer, but the battered skin stays crunchy, light, and not greasy.

6.      Bingsu

This shaved ice South Korean delight has become popular around the globe. You can select from a range of ingredients of your topping choice, including chocolate, green tea, chopped fruit, and red bean. You can enjoy traditional and modern versions of bingsu at Sulbing, the most popular bingsu place. We recommend tiramisu and honeydew melon.

Enjoy Sensational Korean Food in this Delightful City

Seoul offers the best food in South Korea. From Michelin-star restaurants to the best hotels in Seoul, this city offers a culinary journey that will thrill your taste buds. At the same time, you enjoy the rich history and exciting attractions this city offers.

Since the city is constantly experimenting with new ways to innovate the classics, combining traditional food with a modern touch has led to an exciting food culture worth exploring. Be sure to try these delicious dishes when you visit Seoul to make it one of the best luxury family vacations.

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